Beira Lago shoes

Our history

Calçados Beira Lago were founded in 1996 at Pato Bragado - Paraná, with a dream to build a strong and solid industry in the male shoes segment.

Always moving with good planning and caution, we conquered our space in the market, seeking improvement and quality in our process, developing products that meet our client's expectations and necessities.

Each year our machines get more modern. But there's no replacing to the heat of human hands present in the process. Fabric, rubber and leather share space with the care and homelike feeling present in every pair of shoes that leaves the factory.

To put on a Beira Lago is to take with you the feeling of steading your feet over a 20 years history. The sewing lines also weave the responsibility of creating lasting shoes. That's how products capable of following, in the long run, paths and trajectories are born.


Making shoes with excellence, comfort and quality


Become a global company, a brand to be looked upon


Respect, quality, humanity, durability